Improve Your Swing Speed and Your Golf Game

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Improve Your Swing Speed and Your Game Year After Year

Golf is one of the greatest sports ever created and it's a sport we can enjoy for a lifetime. Often times, we hear swing speed and distance diminish as we age though. At the point you can really dedicate enormous amounts of time to the sport (after retirement) the game continues to gets more challenging. How unfair is that?! So, how is it that Phil Mickelson has been able to increase his swing speed by more than 6 mph this season then?

Who's On Your Team

Phil Mickelson surrounded himself with a team of TPI (Titleist Performance Institute) professionals who are helping him focus on his swing, body movement patterns, flexibility/mobility, and training style. That means he's consistently working with a PGA golf professional, a medical professional (TPI certified), and a fitness professional (also TPI certified).

More Rotation and Greater Separation

Improving your shoulder turn and your hip turn by even 10-20 degrees gives you more room to really create speed and power, especially once you master upper and lower body separation exercises and speed drills. A rolling stone gathers no moss, so keep moving every day and stay focused on exercises that improve your turn.

Marie Hall | Golf Fitness Buffalo | Leading Edge Performance

Author: Marie L Hall

Golf Fitness Expert, Performance Coach, Functional Movement Specialist