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Fitness For Golfers

Golf Fitness Programs: You’ve come to the right place if you want to take your golf game to the next level. Our staff is powered by Titleist Performance Institute- Certified Golf Fitness Instructors.

Whether you’re looking for more POWER in your swing, or maybe it’s more DISTANCE off your driver, or maybe you just want to stay FLEXIBLE and keep your backswing long. No one is playing well when hips, knees, or the dreaded back pain exists. We have you covered if you want more COMFORT in your game as well.

What do all tour players have in common? They generate POWER from the same areas of their body, regardless of the fact one person’s swing differs from the next.

You need:

  • A great shoulder turn
  • Hips that turn
  • STRONG GLUTES (your butt muscles)
  • Powerful CORE
  • Good balance
  • ...and a few other fundamentals

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