Creating Upper and Lower Body Separation Improves Distance

Creating Upper and Lower Body Separation Improves Distance | Better Golf | Leading Edge Performance

Creating Upper and Lower Body Separation

Some instructors and professionals call it the "X-factor" while others like myself refer to kinematic sequencing, but no matter what you call it, creating separation between when your hips turn in your swing and when your shoulders turn in your swing allows your body to create a powerful whip and thereby dramatically improving distance on any club. to say it another way, most golfers are aware you need your shoulders to turn and you need your hips to turn, but the timing of movement of each segment of your body really matters.

How You Can Create Separation

We've talked about exercises you can use to create more mobility and flexibility in the mid and upper back (where your shoulder turn comes from) and there are many exercises available you can use to increase hip mobility and flexibility (I will definitely share more about that in a later post). Mobility exercises should be part of a daily routine in addition to utilizing exercises that help you separate the two areas of your body. Exercises where you're stabilizing the hips and rotating the upper body, or stabilizing the lower body and rotating the hips are two types of exercises that do this.

Upper Body Stabilization and Lower Body Movements

Here's an exercise you can add to your regiment. From a plank position, keep your spine stable (and straight) while you bring one knee towards your opposite elbow. You can alternate knees while holding the plank for 30-60 seconds. You will likely feel this in your core as well.

Lower Body Stable with Upper Body Movements

One of my favorite exercises is the push-up with shoulder turn. After completing a regular push-up, turn your shoulders in one direction while keeping your hips facing square to the floor. Repeat with another push-up and then rotate the shoulders in the other direction.

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Author: Marie L Hall

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